The Problem of Customer Apathy & How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Build Brand Loyalty

One of the many difficult realities of running a business is dealing with consumer churn, also called customer attrition. Simply put, this is the loss of customers. There are a variety of reasons why a customer may take their business elsewhere, but one very common reason is apathy.  Customer apathy… Read More

The Necessity of Delegating

To the small business owner, money is everything. We devote hours and hours poring over our accounting, reading books on efficiency, and buying apps to streamline our companies and turn a profit. Some work, most don’t. Why? Because with each new “method” someone has to learn how to use it… Read More

All Things Hiring – Part 3

Part 1 & 2 in the series can be found here: All Things Hiring – Part 1 & All Things Hiring – Part 2 Let’s talk customer service! In this last blog of the series for hiring, we are going to talk about how the… Read More

All Things Hiring – Part 2

Part 1 in the series can be found here: All Things Hiring – Part 1 In the second blog of this hiring series we will discuss how as business owners you can be prepared for the interview process whether it’s you yourself doing the interviewing or if… Read More

All Things Hiring – Part I

Hiring is a HOT topic lately in the maid service industry. Albeit, most conversations revolve around how challenging hiring cleaners is at the moment, and we’ll address that later, but we digress. In this three part series, we are going to talk about all things related to staffing for your… Read More

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Knock Out Your Task List!

Do you have a seemingly endless supply of  “Oh, we should do that!” ideas for your maid service?  You know, you run across something on Facebook that you know will work for you and you’re excited about making it a thing, but you just need to (cue that dreaded word!) implement it?  … Read More

Using a VA for Your Business

Have you thought of using a VA for your business? What is a VA? A Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely, anywhere in the world in some cases, to help you with your business. Working remotely has become the norm during the pandemic for many companies, but obviously you… Read More

Are you a Sales Booking Machine? Want to be?

Recently all of our Virtual Assistants with Task Away had the honor to sit in on a training with Carrie Knight.  Maria Dorian, owner, was also able to sit in on an exclusive one-week-long sales training that Carrie did with Castle Keepers, a maid service owned by Tom Stewart in… Read More

Pricing for Profit

Like many service businesses, price adjustments and price increases are often a necessary evil. However, and this is especially true in the lawn care world, raising prices to your lawn care customers on an annual basis is not necessarily good for your business.  Read that again.  Raising your prices annually… Read More

Top 10 Ways to Find and Keep a Rockstar Employee

Download Your Printable Short Guide to Hiring Rockstar Employees TaskAwayVA-Rockstar-Employee-Guide.pdfDownload Your employees are a reflection of your business and your name, therefore you need to be 100% confident in their ability to uphold your reputation. You have spent a ridiculous amount of time and… Read More