Frequently Asked Questions

What type of companies use Task Away?

We service all businesses! While the maid service industry is our top niche, we also have a wide variety of businesses as clients, ranging from Realtors to bail bonds companies. Service-based businesses are the most common. Whether you are a start up, a medium sized company, or already have your sales / admin team in place doing over 1 million in ales, we have the perfect VA to handle all the day-to-day tasks, plus so much more!

Yes! Our VAs can do a multitude of tasks, including answering calls to convert your leads to a sale. You give us the script; we’ll book the jobs, then add them to your schedule! If you need us to put together your daily schedule, we’ll joyfully do that for you.

Can my VA call leads?

Of course! Initial contact and following up with leads is one of our specialties. Our VAs are customer service pros and treat your callers like family from the first ring.

Can my VA handle all customer service aspects of my business? (Breakage, scheduling, complaints, etc)?

Definitely. Here’s the thing with those daily tasks. While easy to do, we, internally, call them “the hamster wheel of the daily chaos!“. They never stop, and keep you from having the bandwidth (and brain space!) to focus on higherlevel picture projects such as marketing, systems, and relationship building (key to growing your business!)

What we do at Task Away is handling all those lockouts, techs can’t find directions to their job site, scheduling, misc requests, etc..

Can my VAs coordinate with my cleaning techs? (Scheduling, lockouts, service issues, etc.)?

That’s a resounding “Yes!” Lockouts, scheduling, payroll, and walking cleaning techs “off the ledge” is what we do.

Does TA offer help with hiring, interviewing, and onboarding?

Because we are customer service experts AND can handle aspects of the sales process, we truly understand that hiring / interviewing is a functionality of “sales”. However, we’re not selling to a potential client. Instead, we’re selling to a potential candidate. Of course, you as a company have to “vet” the candidate, along the same lines, candidates are “vetting” us. Do they want to work for your company? That’s where we’ll make sure to make YOU look good and coordinate the interview process in a way to get candidates through the door for you.

Quality checks? Can my VA do service follow ups?

For automated quality checks, we highly recommend Quality Driven Software! We can follow up with non responses and first time cleans.

Can my VA work weekends?

Our VAs work Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM in your time zone. We do, however, have VAs that are willing to work after hours and on weekends. Let us know your weekend schedule, and we’ll work directly with you to check for coverage options.

Will I work with a team of VAs or just one dedicated VA?

One unique thing about Task Away is that we’ll pair you with a dedicated VA. The benefits to this approach are that they’ll get to know your work style, customers, employees, and company’s systems and processes on an intimate level. There are cases where a team approach is more appropriate.

If your VA is unavailable for any reason, we have an internal system in place for backup options.

How do I route my calls to my VA? Can I just forward my phones to them?

Most of our clients use what is known as VoIP. You’ll simply create a new user for them. Once they download the appropriate app, they can take your calls immediately. Never heard of a VoIP? No worries! We’ll help you get it all setup.

Will my VA work in my time zone?

Yes, and because all of our VAs are US-based (and background checked), they will have no issues working in your specific time requirements. They will typically provide coverage Monday through 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Do you have any VAs that speak Spanish?

Of course! Spanish-speaking VAs are of course a bit harder to place due to high demand. Still, we can pair you with an excellent VA, given their availability.

What can Task Away offer that other VA agencies simply can’t or won’t?

We are set up to “meet you where you’re at in your business.” That means we’ll work around your needs and budget. Need someone you can call once in a while when you’re in a bind or simply want to take your office staff to lunch without worrying about phones? We got you covered. Need only a one-time project such as our market research service? We got you covered. Need a full-time admin office role? Got it. Need someone to conduct interviews or collect on past-due accounts? You get it: We got you covered. And finally, what if you just need a very part-time person like a receptionist to cover overflow calls because you already have office staff in place? Covered.

We truly are the perfect solution for all up-and coming companies! Your success is truly ours and we don’t take that lightly.