Task Away thinks differently and works differently than all the VA companies you may have heard of, or hired.

What we do

Phone Coverage

Full phone coverage during office hours. Missed calls? We get it – these are not to happen! It’s important that all calls get answered. We have strategies in place to ensure that happens!

Sell, sell, sell

Yes, we sell! And convert. We realize that without us closing new jobs, your business doesn’t grow. And without you growing, you can’t afford to pay us to help you. So, in essence, your success is our success! We can even follow up on leads and help with drip marketing.

Hiring (and firing!)

Once our VAs book jobs (we rock at sales!), it will be necessary that you hire, hire, hire to be able to cover your growing schedule. We can take on the task of hiring new cleaning techs, and firing those that are causing you and your
business headaches.


Once we’ve helped hire a strong staff, you are ready to take on a workload equal to what their cleaners can handle. That means looking at how many hours are scheduled each day and keeping that balanced and full.

Quality control

You’re grooving! We’re answering your phones, converting new clients, following up on leads, helping to ensure that staff have what they need schedule wise, and now comes the quality piece. We can handle any customer complaints (it’s our jam!), and we can help maintain quality standards. Many of our clients use Quality Driven Software. Maria is the co-founder of this app,
by the way!

Online review management

We can also help manage your online reviews! We can respond to negative ones (and try to get them to reverse it – we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves!), and all positive ones. We can follow up with people that haven’t responded to make sure that “no news is good news” and not a bad online review waiting to happen. Ask about implementing a proven strategy that helps you get more 5 star reviews for a job well done!

Content Writing

While we don’t provide content writing for websites, we can help you with other areas where you would need content written: Tactfully written Emails, sample email scripts, newsletters, company announcements, new policy changes, company policies, training manuals (proof reading, word improvement, content creation, etc) and well crafted letters to your customers that gets your desired outcome accomplished.

We can also match your current writing style so that all content sounds like it came directly from you.

Graphic Design

Meet another one of our incredible VAs! Cailey has been with Task Away for just shy of a year and has provided us with some amazing graphic support. Everything from birthday shoutouts to webinar powerpoints she takes care of it. Why should we keep her work to ourselves?

Go to our Graphic Design page for more information and examples.

Grow and Scale

Finally, we are then ready to really help you grow once we have helped you with getting a solid foundation if you didn’t already have one. We would love to help you with marketing ideas and naturally generating more work because of your great reviews.