Welcome to Task Away VA

Your success is truly ours! When we see your stress level decrease while increasing your staff and client count, we know we’ve done our jobs. When we see that you are getting more done while working less, we’ve succeeded. And that is what we strive for every single day! Thank you for your trust. I know hiring someone to take care of your baby is a scary step. We got you!

Customer Service

Our VAs have a heart for customer service! The extraordinary service our VAs provide you and your customers is carved out of the rock of the past, where a warm smile and a willingness to serve others was not the exception but rather the expected. This is the type of quality and remarkable service we want everyone who becomes a client to experience. In every call and point of contact you and your customers will hear our smile and feel our enthusiasm to want to do an outstanding job for you.

Email Management

Let us take your email tasks off your plate! We will check your email platform throughout the day and answer all correspondence in a timely manner. All tasks associated with that email will be handled and you will be notified of important note worthy tasks so that you are always in the loop.

Sales and Quoting

Whether it’s taking an inbound call or following up on a lead, our VAs can handle that for you! We realize that your growth is paramount to your success and therefore paramount to ours. “Are your VAs trained on selling?” is a common question we get. Yes! They are. We want to be strong closers and convert in a way that your customers feel good about the decision which foster’s continued growth through referrals. Regardless if it’s a prospective client calling us or us calling a prospect, we realize that positive results from those opportunities is of the utmost importance and we will aim to deliver!

Social Review Management

There is nothing more demoralizing than to get notified that someone has posted a negative review of your business on Google, Facebook or Yelp. How do you respond? Do you respond? These days, online reviews are everything. Without an online presence, your company simply can’t grow and scale! So whether it’s replying to all great reviews for that personal touch, or responding to angry customers and their not so great reviews, we can handle it! In fact, Maria (Task Away owner) has so much experience in this area that many countless times, she can make a bad review go away completely, without ever having to ask the poster to remove it. That’s powerful!

We can also implement Maria’s proven strategy for your company to get more online reviews - just ask!

Content Writing &
Graphic Design

Content Writing

While we don’t provide content writing for websites, we can help you with other areas where you would need content written: Tactfully written Emails, sample email scripts, newsletters, company announcements, new policy changes, company policies, training manuals (proof reading, word improvement, content creation, etc) and well crafted letters to your customers that gets your desired outcome accomplished.

We can also match your current writing style so that all content sounds like it came directly from you.

Graphic Design

Meet another one of our incredible VAs! Cailey has been with Task Away for just shy of a year and has provided us with some amazing graphic support. Everything from birthday shoutouts to webinar powerpoints she takes care of it. Why should we keep her work to ourselves?

Hi, my name is Cailey Lawrence. I work with the incredible Task Away team as a virtual assistant and Graphic Designer. I am a military wife, fur mother, and lover of all things design. When not working I spend my time as the Key Spouse for my husband's unit empowering and supporting other military spouses. I specialize in social media graphics, promotional flyers, and logo creation and branding. I would love to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Go to our Graphic Design page for more information and examples.

Billing and Collection

Having cash flow issues are the worst! What good is it to clean homes when you can’t keep up with collecting those payments and as a result, can’t pay your people or your vendors? It’s stressful! Prompt, accurate and detailed billing is an important ingredient in sustaining the consistent growth of any business. That is an area that we would love to help you with! Give yourself one less worry in the course of operating your successful business and watch your accounts receivable diminish and your cash flow increase. We can even make those not so fun calls to clients, and even draft “Notice of Demand” letters on your behalf.


Interviewing / Hiring

Cleaning techs are the geese that lay the golden eggs. And finding good people is HARD! And the second you find people, they either leave right away, don’t work out, or you hit a growth spurt and have to start the process all over again. It’s time consuming, and something that industry coaches will tell you should always be a constant practice. But as maid service owners, constant hiring is time consuming! Task Away virtual assistants can joyfully handle the processes like posting your hiring ads, sifting through the sometimes hundreds of applications, replying to candidate inquiries, and setting up interviews. Some of our companies even have us doing both the initial and secondary interview, and getting them all set up for their first day of work. We can even be responsible for collecting new hire paperwork through digital means.


Misc. Tasks

Here is a list of additional tasks we provide for our clients on a routine basis:

  • Data Entry
  • Spreadsheets
  • Research
  • Secret Shopping
  • One time misc. tasks such as making a phone call to an angry client (customer complaints).

“Maria is a Rock Star as a Virtual Assistant managing our online reviews and managing customer satisfaction. In less than 5 months, we now have over 500 Reviews with 94% Customer Satisfaction, all due to Maria.”

– John Dominy, BestYard.Com

All VAs are background checked and US based!

About Me & My Team

What You Can Expect From Us


We love what we do. “Maria always gives 100% in everything she does. No, 150%. She’s an awesome person to have in your court.” – JoAnn Herrera, Sparkle and Shine Cleaning, Austin, Texas.


Being able to reach us at mission critical times is important. Not hearing from a company after hours on end is just annoying. You will never have to worry that we will “disappear” on you. We consider all inquiries time sensitive so you will always receive a prompt, friendly response.


Accountability is internal core company value. That means that you can simply count on us to do the job, when you need it done, efficiently, and we’ll do it well. If there ever is a problem (and we’re human – they’ll be bumps in the road – that we can promise!), we’ll get them resolved for you immediately.

Effective Communication

We would rather over communicate something than under communicate which can cause issues. We will always try to give you all the information relative to tasks we’re working on so that you can make educated decisions in your business. Our communication platform serves to always be in direct contact with your VA.


Have an issue that you need help with? Maria (owner) has more than 14 years experience in the home cleaning industry. She staffs Task Away with many of the very team members that helped grow her business from a mop and a broom to $743K yearly revenue (and on track to closing the following year at $850K!) before she sold the company. Know what that means for you? That means that you get all her expertise – anytime you want or need it. Just ask!

Transparent Pricing

Transparent, integrity pricing. We totally get it! Cost is a huge factor in deciding if a virtual assistant is right for you. We will make the process as painless as possible! We’ll promise you an affordable rate with terms that you can live with. All hours are tracked in an easy to read report so you’ll know exactly how long it’s taking your VA to accomplish tasks, and when those tasks get done.

Our VAs are familiar with the most popular maid service platforms.