How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Cleaning Service Industry - Part 2


Welcome to the second blog in our hiring series for the cleaning service industry.

As a business owner, the first step in deciding which applicants are a good fit for your company is the interview process. A successful interview starts with preparation, whether you handle the interviews yourself or have the assistance of a virtual assistant or HR manager,

It’s essential to be clear on a number of topics that are important to both your company as well as your applicants. Miscommunicating essential information or failing to ask and answer the right questions can lead to missing out on hiring a great employee or hiring a candidate that doesn’t fit your company culture.

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Beyond Hourly Rates: What Candidates Consider

We all know that hiring in today’s market can be challenging, and it’s not solely about the hourly rate. Serious candidates evaluate multiple factors before considering a position.

In the cleaning service industry, we encounter both short-term employees and career professionals. The latter group seeks long-term benefits, regardless of their employment status. When interviewing potential candidates, it’s crucial to have certain details nailed down and be prepared for questions. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Be Rock Solid with Important Details

Ensure crucial details are understood and consistent throughout the interview process.

  • Clearly communicate starting pay, pay scale progression, and when raises occur.
  • Explain health and retirement benefits and when they kick in.
  • Define your service area.
  • Explain procedures and expectations while in the field and on the job.
  • Clarify whether employees are expected to use their own vehicles, and address any mileage reimbursement policies.
  • If uniforms are required, provide information about who covers the cost.

Having these details readily available and clearly communicated puts your company in a positive light and helps candidates make informed decisions.

2. Tailor Offerings to Your Market

Remember, what your company can offer may vary based on your area and market, so do your research.

Providing a clear picture during the interview of what candidates can expect makes their, as well as your, decision-making process easier. Being transparent about the reasoning behind your expectations creates trust.

For example, if you require a personal vehicle and a candidate doesn’t have one, it’s clear that it won’t be a good fit. There’s no harm in explaining why your company doesn’t provide transportation. On the other hand, if a candidate has a driver’s license, insurance, and a reliable car, it aligns well with your vehicle requirement.

Full-time applicants may have expectations regarding insurance benefits, so ensure you’re prepared to discuss these details. Consider highlighting other benefits that could help the candidate make a decision.

3. Demonstrate Organization and Work Culture

Clearly outlining what your company offers not only helps candidates make decisions but also demonstrates how well your organization functions in contrast to your competitors.

Make sure to showcase your amazing work culture and demonstrate the additional value your company offers to its employees. Pairing a well-defined offering with a positive work environment increases the likelihood of retaining top-notch employees.

By knowing exactly what you need from candidates, setting clear expectations, and outlining rewarding opportunities, you can attract the right talent.

In Conclusion …

Being well-prepared for the interview process is crucial when hiring within the cleaning service industry. By addressing important details, tailoring offerings to your market, and demonstrating organization and work culture, you can attract and retain the best candidates for your company.

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