How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Cleaning Service Industry - Part 1


Hiring within the cleaning service industry is quite a hot topic. This three-part series aims to discuss all things related to staffing for your cleaning service. We’ll explore how staffing has evolved and provide insights into how you, as a cleaning service owner, can adapt your hiring techniques to attract better candidates, foster loyalty and engagement, and ensure your employees represent your cleaning service in the best light.

Remember, every employee you hire, whether it’s a virtual assistant, office manager, or cleaning specialist, is the face of your company and often the customer’s first impression. Let’s make sure it’s a positive one!

Offer Candidates More

In an age where finding quality employees seems almost impossible, it’s crucial to understand that you’re not alone. Hiring challenges are prevalent nationwide, and everyone is feeling the strain.

It’s not just about offering enticing pay, benefits, and days off - everyone is trying that. It’s about going above and beyond what’s expected. To stand out as a company and find the best candidates, you need to offer more of what candidates want and need in order to attract the top quality applicants in a competitive market.

Do your research! Start right within your own business. Ask your current employees what would make their jobs more enjoyable, prevent them from leaving, and what they believe needs to be improved.

Investigate hiring trends particular to your area and demographic. What companies are reporting success in hiring and retention? What are they doing that is working and how can you incorporate that into your own business?

Build a Positive Work Culture

Building a positive work environment is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain exceptional employees. You can offer more than your competition by consciously creating an environment where employees thrive.

Think beyond the basics and treat your team exceptionally well.

  • Provide a well-stocked breakroom or break station with free snacks and drinks.
  • Celebrate birthdays, holidays, births of children & grandchildren.
  • Implement rewards and recognition programs for outstanding work.

Positive reinforcement fosters an environment where employees enjoy their work and are motivated to stay committed to your company.

Improve Your Leadership & Management Style

It’s often said that employees don’t quit jobs; they quit poor management. Treating employees well goes a long way in ensuring their loyalty, even if a competitor offers higher pay.

With the unique strains on today’s workforce, understand that you’re not just competing for clients and customers - you’re also competing for employees.

Offer everything you can to retain loyal and hardworking team members. Creating a friendly and warm work environment that values and respects employees is a direct result of your skills as a leader. It takes a shift in your mindset and habits. Recognize that poor management leads to turnover. But when you prioritize creating a positive work culture, you’re offering your employees a rewarding experience that sets your company apart from your competition.

Provide accountability, regular feedback, recognition for exceptional work, and value their thoughts and opinions. If you’re not sure how to best incorporate these changes, seek out a business coach, a course on modern leadership, or a book on shifting one’s mindset for business. This is your business, your profits, your future, so it’s also your responsibility to make the necessary changes.

Key Takeaways …

In the highly competitive cleaning service industry, going beyond basic benefits and pay, can create an environment where employees thrive, feel valued, and remain committed to your company.

Offer something better than your competitors by cultivating a culture of hard work, exceptional service, camaraderie, and incentives.

Remember, poor management leads to turnover, so invest in treating your employees exceptionally well. This can include making an investment in your own leadership skills, too.

These approaches can ensure you hire the best employees as well as the success and longevity of your business.

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