All Things Hiring - Part 2


Part 1 in the series can be found here: All Things Hiring – Part 1

In the second blog of this hiring series we will discuss how as business owners you can be prepared for the interview process whether it’s you yourself doing the interviewing or if you have a Virtual Assistant or HR manager assisting with your process. You want to appear to the candidate that not only do you have an amazing work culture that will be a great place to belong, but that you know the value of what you offer. We do that by knowing exactly what we need from a candidate and what our expectations are and how we reward that.

We all know hiring today can be tough but it’s not just about the hourly rate offered. There’s a lot that goes into a serious candidate considering coming to work for your company. In this industry we do get a handful of short timers, and a fair amount of turn over. But we also have many cleaners in the industry that are professional career cleaners and they need to be recognized and those are the types that are great for companies. But that type of employee is not looking for quick cash. They are looking for long term benefits, regardless of whether they are full or part time employees.

When interviewing a potential candidate it is important to have some things known and be prepared for questions. Often employers will put certain information in a hiring ad, but fail to be consistent with it, or the person doing the interviewing doesn’t have all the information needed. Things to have rock solid are things like starting pay, pay after a waiting or probation period, how the pay scale works and when raises will happen. If you offer any kind of health or retirement benefits and when they kick in. What exactly is your service area, are employees expected to drive their own vehicles and if and how mileage is or is not applied. Do you require uniforms and if so, does the cost of the uniforms come from an employees pay? All of these are things a candidate will take into consideration when interviewing and when they compare your company to the next. Having these things set out and the information readily available to a candidate puts your company in a good light.

What your company can and should offer will vary greatly depending on your area and market. However having these things lined out and easily explainable in the interview will make the decision for a candidate easier if they can and will come to your company. If you require a personal vehicle and they do not have one, that makes it pretty easy to know for all parties it won’t be a good fit. However if you require a vehicle and they have a driver’s license, current insurance and a reliable car, it will be clear that’s one area that you as an employer and they as an employee will fit well. If they are applying for a full time position they are likely hoping for insurance benefits as well. Knowing what you offer can help them decide.

Clearly outlining what you offer is a great way to demonstrate organization within your company and another reason why a candidate should come work for you. Pair this with a fantastic work culture and it would be hard for a truly great employee to move on.